Collector´s Edition

Nynhã Aba


Nynhã Aba
collector´s edition

Fine Art Book - Limited (Deluxe/Collector) Single Editions+ Photographic Prints + Hand Made edition.

Signed by Ângela Berlinde

“Heart of Indian” or, in Tupi Guarani, indigenous language, Nynhã Aba is an artist's book based on the research about the indigenous communities and caboclas of Northeast Brazil.


Hardback with silk screen prints
Size: 190 x 240 mm 
Golden kernel, 
sewn and embroidered in Portugal. 

Composed by 3 books: 
 >Photographic book 190x240 mm (116 pages,  printed in munken pure ) 
> molesquine  8cm x12 mm (16 pages) 
> notebook with 10 numbered & signed serigraphs (30x43 cm) +
1 box covered with Brazilian fabric with 15 signed prints  (15 x20 cm)
Illustrations: 12  illustrations made my Tupinambá indigenouos people of Brazil.

            10 years reseach book  ( 2005-2015)  
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