LOVE and FAMILY, under the theme "Love will tear us apart." In this project we exhibit authors from 11 European countries and a set of family pictures by photographic studios of the 30’s, along with activities for the general public, that aim to involve the family core, as well as street projections and even a movie screening dedicated to the topic.

Artistic Direction
Ângela Ferreira

Chapter I

Ji Hyun Kwon

The Guilty  

Human beings are, by nature, social animals (Aristoteles). None could live alone out of family, friends, society and community. So we are a human beings, man should share and bear a social consciousness and a responsibility together, as a constituent element that lives in a society. Because ultimate self-fulfillment could achieve only in a society. In order to live rightly in the world as a human being, Ji Kwon presents a work that 

embraces the others through the photograph and I look for people feeling some kind of internal guilt.

Ji Hyun Kwon was born in Seoul.
“By seeing their beautiful personality, this confirmed me again. 'Humanity is the only hope.”
Ji Hyun Kwon

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