Lapa do Lobo

Farewell, my love  

I shall never become enough of a photographer in order to be capable of revealing the feline strength of the eternally in love poet, Zé Marinheiro was his name, who tried to draw a clear framework of the long afternoon hours awaiting for his loved one, when he stole all away from the future of the world.

This is how I use the idea of image in the pursuit of the moment of things, a quest to portrait such a worldwide love, hence so difficult to manage.
For the endeavour of this inner journey I felt the need of this shipwreck to remake the cause that was lost in time, while harvesting this environment.
Bits of stories make me recover my geographic line and place me at the Lobo's Lapa anchor.

Our faces were flushed, suffused with the sunlight splendour of our bloods that beat time to the waltz of our love.

A Commissioned work by:
Ângela Berlinde,
André Cepeda,
Tito Mouraz,
José Pedro Cortes,
José Bacelar
Paulo Catrica

supported by Fundação Lapa do Lobo.

I believe this was the story of a huge tree that is now cut into
And how our world has changed, Catarina. Yet, the hesitation each image confers becomes the spark for an alleged physiologic drama which never completely unveils: departure, absence and memories pulse in an exotic cinema script, having for finale a never ending raft voyage.
So here I stand holding close to my heart that letter from overseas, where an open chest to enemy firebeats for me. In this station rests the Lobo's heart.

Memory means chaos, a thread ball without beginning or end. Unwinding this thread is the tough role of photography.

Ângela, Berlinde

Lapa do Lobo is a small village in the center of Portugal,
where the artists have worked for one year about the imagetic universe of this region.
First Edition - 2013
Hardcover, 184 pages
23,5 x 33 cm, Offset Print

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