Chapter II


> Lecture - “A LENTIDÃO DO FOTOLIVRO : A research into the photobooks and a powerful instrument fot telling stories and understand the dizzying spirit of our times. 

Beinal do Livro do Ce, Fortaleza Brazil. 24 august, 2019

> Lecture - “The panoram of the Photofestivals in the world”

Museu de Arte Contemporânea Dragão do Mar, Fortaleza Brazil. 23 february, 2018


> Lecture - “Photography and Intimacy”

Fundação Cultural de Curitiba, Brazil. 28 september, 2017.

> Lecture “The photographer´s heart and the frenetic evolution of photography. 

Museu de Fotografia Fortaleza, Brasil. September, 2017.

> Lecture/ International Conference Ciclo Teórico - “The caleidoscopic Future of photography and it´s territories”. Teatro México, Auditório Jorge Enrique Molina, Universidade Central da Colômbia, VII edition FOTOGRAFICA.

Fotomuseo, Bogota, Colombia. May, 2017.

> Conference : “Collections, photobooks and Curatorship”, with Joaquim Paiva, photo colector & Carlos Carvalho, curator.

Galeria Imagem Brasil, Fortaleza. March, 2017.

> Conference “El corazón del fotógrafo y la frenética evolución de los soportes” Jornadas 11.
Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo, Sala Azul de la Intendencia.

Montevideo, Uruguay. Dec, 2016. 

> Talk : Eyes On Talk during the European Month of Photography, Wien:
“An update on Key trends and perspectives of contemporary photography” with Thomas Licek Eyes on, Irina Chmyreva, PhotoVisa, Rússia, Marina Paulenka, Organ Vida, Zagreb/Croatia, Ângela Ferreira, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal, Erik Vroons, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam,  with moderation of Andreas J. Hirsch.

MUSA, Museum of Wien, Austria. Nov, 2016.

> Lecture: “Photography and Curatorship”, Master in Animation and Digital Illustration.

Instituto Politécnico do Ave e Cávado, Portugal, June 2016.

> Seminar “Open Gestures” under the tittle “Translating Transcience”, during the Art weekend of Arhus, with the support of

Danish art Foundation, Arhus, June 2016.

> Master Class about the creative process of the book "Nynhã Aba"
( indian heart) a research of the indigenous communities and caboclas of Northeast Brazil

Livaria Madalena, São Paulo Brazil, May 2016.

> Conference : The Future of Photofestivals, a retrospective about the Festival Encontros da Imagem/ CFC Bilbao.

Bilbao, March 2016.

> Conference : “The Territories of the Portuguese Photography”, A prjection of the portuguese contemporary in Delhi Photo Festival,  with the support of Fundação Oriente and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, CV Mess, Janpath. New Delhi India. Nov, 2015.

> Conference “The aesthetic of affection trough the Painting and the Photography, Research group (NANO) 
School of Arts,

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.  April, 2015.

> Master Class: “Fotografia Portuguesa Contemporânea” FestPoa,
International Photo

Festival of Porto Alegre, Brazil. March, 2015.

> Lecture  XI Brazilian Luso African Congress of Social Sciences and Diversity: " Children and Childhoods Luso-Afro -Brazilian : transnational perspectives and diversity.

Salvador da Baía, Brazil 2014.

> Lecture “The territories of photography, ways of seing the contemporary photography”.  Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2014.

> II International Meeting Arts Education ( 2EI_EA ) About implication of the action in the construction of contemporary narratives ]

at Faculty of Fine Arts , FBAUP, Porto, Portugal, 2014

> Conference: The movement of copyrighted works and the photography market in Europe | Theatre Antonieta Noronha

Encontros de Agosto, Photo Festival.Brazil, 2013 

> Conference: "The Photography as Contemporary art", Academy of Arts Architecture and Design,

Prague (VSUP).

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