Chapter III



An Army of Love 

Comma in Rio de Janeiro
Capela do Parque Lage, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro Brazil


"An army of Love" is the result of the artistic residence at  School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage. Photographs, videos, portraits were part of this dynamic project of artistic residence that provoked new processes of creation and connections with the past, through the use of archival images, in order to create a mystery and fantasy about the experiences of a place.

                                         School of Visual Arts, Parque Lage, RJ, Brazil

"From the inside out,
this artistic residence presents the reverbalization
by the image of the reality of the dream,
of the virtuality of the real."

The show provides a poetic reflection in search of the real, sometimes as a shadow,
as a reverberation of a world
that acquires the lightness of melancholy”.

Capela Parque Lage 



> Artistic Residency with Tupinambás Indigenous Community of Olivença, Ilhéus, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, under the coordination of the Thydewa Association, which aims to promote global awareness on the protection of Nature and organizes workshops on digital art and technology for the indigenous communities. Follow-up of the OCA DIGITAL project dedicated to the creation of digital content - products such as photography, cinema, video mapping, and soundclouds. 

The workshops of self representation  were made during the Phd studies in Photography. This tecnique allow a dialogue with the indigenous culture with the multiples forms of representation.

       Tupinambas, Olivença, Ilhéus, Salvador da Bahia



> Artistic Residency Painted Pictures
Ceará  | Brazil

Painted Pictures is a brief essay on part of the study of the native identity of the tribes of Ceará and how they relate to Photography and Portrait.
The portraits were taken in the villages and hamlets of the State of Ceará, represented by the Pitaguary, Tapeba and Jenipapo Kanindé tribes, as were the portraits of a population which is after all of mixed native blood and deeply influenced by native culture.
Each picture has one, or many, of the words which represent a portrait, perpetuated here by the lines of Painting. For this reason we call them Painted Pictures.

From the end of the nineteeth century, some craftsmen decided to offer a little something extra to the budding technique of photography. It was, literaly, a special tint, a manual touch-up which, in time, also acquired the function of restauring the first portraits, by hand.

Symbolically, it is a reproduction and a fantasy built on memory, whether an individual memory or a tale of significant family moments, especially rites of passage. Even with a somewhat ficticious tone.

Each picture has one, or many, of the words which represent a portrait, perpetuated here by the lines of Painting.

Each portrait covers the spirituality of a people in silence. 



> Artistic Residency DRAGONS
DRAGÃO DO MAR, Fortaleza | Brazil

Poço da Draga is the slum's oldest capital city of northeastern Brazil and also one of the most organized when it comes to fight for the rights and dignity. The community is Praia de Iracema is compressed between the avenue Pessoa Anta and the sea. In the old Beach Fish, who was once fishermen and suspended mud houses, where the tide could leak, the boys of the Well Draga improvise trampolines among rubble.

The advancement of prostitution and drugs is the symptom of the decadence of Iracema beach. Today Poço da Draga fights against the speculation that it intends to transform the slum into a huge aquarium for leisure tourism.


“Poço da Draga” fights against the speculation that it intends to transform the slum into a huge aquarium for leisure tourism.



> Artistic Residency Miranda do Douro, 
| Portugal 

This project is intended to celebrate the ingenuity of Memory and Photography in relation to respect of the Northeast region of Portugal.
Thi pictures were undertaken by the Association for the Study and Protection of the donkeys (AEPGA) which aims at protecting and promote indigenous breed of Terras de Miranda, aimed to record the feeling and pulse of a region.

Aware of this wealth and the impact of activities undertaken by AEPGA, Project longs to launch multiple views on the perception of a region where the association acts on a trip through the conquest of inner space.


After all,
this record is the collective soul of its inhabitants and the ability to imagine their land prospectively. Photography is not popular as a representation of the missing, but as a replacement to its absence. 




> Artistic Residency Câmara de Lobos| Madeira Island, Portugal

Art Residency about  the landscape of Madeira Island|  Câmara de Lobos.  The name of the Project: "As Primeiras Coisas" describes the first things of the the simplicity of the island as a whole. 

“E brilha o corpo inteiro na espuma esbracejadade um espelho”

Herberto HELDER in Última Ciência.



> Artistic Residence “Art territory”, in the city of Vilnius in Lithuania, under the European Capital of Culture. The project sought to awaken creativity through the realization of artistic projects in the Children's Hospital of the University of Vilnius.

ART TERRITORY is a new, unique and realistic space for creativity the marking of which starts at the Children’s Hospital at Vilnius University.
Why “ART territory” is “MY territory”? Because we hope to make it close and very own to each and everyone who enters this TERRITORY on purpose or just accidentally. 

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