Nynhã Aba

“Heart of Indian” or, in Tupi Guarani, indigenous language, Nynhã Aba is an artist's book based on the research about the indigenous communities and caboclas of Northeast Brazil. This object book aims to create a visual artistic experience, through a poetic journey of investigation, reinforced by the intention to value an aesthetic affective towards Photography. 

Heart of Indian was designed to feel the resizing of time, so that its rhythm and language make it a unique object in which the past lives side by side with the future, being therefore an object as infinite as it is unfinished

Tropicália Cearense
por Titus Riedl

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This story is told through symbolic representations, events, legends and scenes of indigenous history, imagined and re-invented, expressed in tales and fables, which permeate the indigenous universe that is at least a Cabocla culture, infinitely rich and reinvented.

Centro de Fotografia de Bilbao, SPAIN  
Views of the exhibition

Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo, URUGUAY 

Views of the outdoor Exhibition                                                        

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